mercoledì 7 settembre 2011


SNOB, through suggestion of Marcello Crescenzi commissioned me a cover illustration for a promotional printed set of the "ABC" project, by Regione Lazio.
We started with this blend of nature and art.
So you get this Roman head from Villa Adriana that reflects in the famous emperor's pool. Under the water and the reflection of trees and of the signature coumns of villa Adriana you can see fishes roaming free, and again the head symbolically reflected as Venus and knowledge are in the hermetic tradition that is so strong in roman classic art.
Leaves define the plane separating the underwater world.
Here is the final result:
Unfortunately, we have to agree that the solution lacked people in it, and it's to (young) people that the ABC project needs to arrive.

I started considering these two drafts as a starting point for a new take on the theme.
First one is a rush of people floating around ad sort of ISD made of art related items. Client loved the Festa del CInema di Roma poster I did a while ago and asked a take on the same vibe. While we lost nature we definitely gained people and action.
The second one is all about youth, arts, and nature living together in a beatiful landscape.
Freshest of the set, probably a bit on the edge to become off topic as a result.
So, the first one won in the end and here it is!
Will post the printed set as soon as I manage to get one!

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